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Deregulated energy markets for electricity and natural gas can be confusing.

  • When is the best time to lock in my supply?
  • Should I fully fix my price or accept some market exposure?
  • What is swing gas and how is my volume settlement priced?
  • Is there a usage "bandwidth" limitation on my fixed rate?
  • Are there any pass through charges?
  • Will my billed usage be grossed up for losses?
  • Can my “fixed” price be changed if my PLC changes?
  • What is my Utility price-to-compare?

If you find yourself asking questions like these, or are not even sure what the questions mean, then we can help you navigate the mine field of competitive energy procurement, lower your costs, and let you focus on your core business.

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Berkshire Energy Partners specializes in energy procurement and risk management strategies for commercial, industrial, healthcare and education system clients, primarily focusing in the PJM control area.

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